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Feral kittens and fleas

Hey Guys I'm hoping someone can help me out.We have 2 feral kittens that have decided to make our balcony home.We have it blocked off so our adult cats can't get away but these kittens fit thru the tiniest spot!!! Last night we saw them in our cat tent on our fabric camping chair curled up sleeping.We couldn't shoo them away because it's getting cold and they looked mighty comfy.The woman downstairs was supposed to be bringing them to the SPCA but she has yet.
My question is for the time being the back balcony is off limits to our kitties because we're afraid the have fleas,ear mites,worms the works!! I'm going to take them to the SPCA this week myself because it's getting way too cold out there.Is there any way to clean the balcony to rid it of fleas.The fabrics tent is going in the garbage and most likely I won't try to salvage the chair either.I would just like to be extra sure that the balcony is clean.Anyone have any ideas???
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