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Originally Posted by embean View Post
It seems like wet food is the new "shift" in cat food... back in the 90s it seemed like everyone thought wet food was bad/made your cat fat.
And before that, there was a "trend" of feeding cats semi-moist food like Tender Vittles , which we eventually learned was very bad for cats. We only need to look at what cats eat in nature to see what their ideal diet is: fresh rodents, birds, maybe some lizards. It's certainly not dry nuggets of cereal. Canned food is closer to juicy prey because of the water content, higher amount of protein, and lower carbohydrates.

Originally Posted by embean View Post
Also, what about the benefits of dry food to keeping teeth clean?
Dry food doesn't keep teeth clean. People don't eat pretzels and cookies to clean their teeth, right? Why should it be different for cats, who have teeth and jaws designed for tearing into flesh and bone, not grinding plants and grains (like a cow). What kibble mostly does is shatter when bitten into, leaving small shards of starchy carbs to get trapped between teeth and under the gumline, where it feeds bacteria. If you really want to feed something that benefits your cat's dental hygiene, feed raw meat and bones.,,p8ds,00.html

Originally Posted by embean View Post
The cat is underweight so I was considering getting wet food (but if you say this, the fact that it makes cats put on weight, may be a misconception).
Your cat (what's her name, by the way?) may be better able to utilize the higher protein of wet food and would gain an appropriate amount of muscle tone, instead of just fat.
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