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Originally Posted by growler View Post
Love O'Shawnnessy & Mirabelle's markings just adorable Willie looks like a little lion reminds me of a cat my cousin had growing up

The pic of Willie & O'Shawnnessy snuggled chin under chin should be framed

It's wonderful how well you kitties get along especially given the age difference
Thank you. He sometimes act like the King of the Beasts too. LOL I have to keep reminding him that he is too big to lay on the kitties when playing,,,,he squishes them and I hear this in MOMMY HELP ME...GET HIM OFF! And I have to go and rescue which ever one is getting squished.
Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I love all the snuggling that goes on at your house!
I love the snuggling too, except I'm jealous cause now O'Shawnnessy would rather snuggle with willie,,,than Mommy!
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