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Here is some pretty in-depth reading on coughing in cats, if you're up for it:

Coughing isn't typically a sign of heart problems in cats (more-so for dogs):

Why do cats cough?

Coughing results from stimulation of the cough receptors that are located within the larynx, trachea, and bronchial tree. In cats, coughing is usually a sign of disease affecting the lower respiratory tract (LRT), particularly the larger airways. It can also be associated with upper respiratory tract (URT) disease, but is rarely associated with disease of the lung parenchyma, heart or pleural space.

In cats, most coughing is caused by irritation or inflammation of the trachea or bronchial tree. This can result from the presence of foreign material, inhaled liquids or gases, be caused with infectious agents, allergic or hypersensitivity reactions or, occasionally, with neoplastic processes. Since there are no cough receptors in the peripheral lung tissue, disease affecting just the periphery of the lungs will not cause coughing, that is, until it extends into the upper airways.

Cats, unlike dogs, rarely cough in association with heart disease, or with disease affecting the mediastinum. This may result from a number of different factors, including the finding that the trachea and main-stem bronchi in the cat appear to resist compression that results in coughing much more commonly in dogs
Do you have heartworm in your area? Supposedly that can also cause coughing in some cats. Fingers crossed that it's just a hairball issue.
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