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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Thanks Robin. I know I've said before that we can't fight old age, but I guess we can do our best to delay the inevitable. I feel blessed to have had Shadow for fourteen years, and have promissed her and myself not to let her suffer. I don't think she is yet, but she does struggle sometimes. I really have to watch her when she goes in the stairs. She does well if she goes slowly, but if she tries to run down with Halo she will fall and then I worry about her breaking a leg and I know that would be the end of her. Sweetie that she is she tries very hard to keep up with her younger sister Halo. Will be taking Shadow to the vet on Friday to talk to him about other possible treatments for her comfort. Thanks again for caring, you are a very sweet lady with a full plate of her own!
DD, you are a doll.
I'm glad she's still happy. And if we have Thorin to the age of 14, I will most definitely feel blessed!! Well, I feel blessed anyway lol, just will be moreso if he makes it that long

Thorin has been struggling with his arthritis for a little while as well. He's getting slower and slower going up the stairs. We're pretty sure now that his episode a couple of months ago was, in fact, a small stroke. He drags his hind leg quite a bit now and does what Shadow does, slowly slumps to the ground if he's standing to eat etc. We can't give him the Metacam until he's done with chemo. But overall, he's doing very well and doesn't seem to know there's anything wrong with him
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