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Originally Posted by Fivekittymom View Post
The vet called me after he was done and explained everything he did. Open infected wound, debride, antibiotic injection, culture sent to lab to check for best antibiotic to fight off and prevent new infection, drains inserted, only one suture, the rest left open to heal and prevent new or old bacteria from getting trapped again and cause another infection.

I wanted to take her home tonight, but the vet said he wants to keep her at least over the weekend, because he believes that their facilities are better equipped for dealing with the immediate care of an open wound healing process. Sterile, small enclosure, trained staff to clean out the wound three times a day.

As sad as I was to not have my Mia home, I agreed with him. We'll visit her tomorrow morning. Of course I had to read up on open wound healing online so I would be prepared. Not a new concept, but goodness, I need to stay away from the horror stories or I may have a heart attack.
That is great news she made it through surgery ! It sounds like you have a very good vet and I agree it was best to have your kitty stay there for the weekend. I hope your kitty will be able to go back home soon and in your arms.
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