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Unhappy Poor kitty in third surgery right now since spay 2 weeks ago

Hi guys. I'm new here and found this site browsing for support/answers to my dilemma. Our baby girl Mia is an 11 month old Maine Coon and had her spay surgery and hernia repair two weeks ago.

Ten days in, she developed a reaction to the sutures and had to had another surgery to take out the knots and clean up a beginning infection. This time she was given removable sutures and was sent home with antibiotics.

This was Wednesday. By last night, Friday, she had a fever and an infected spay incision again, so we brought her into the vet this morning, and they promptly kept her for surgery to clean out the area, put in drains, and basically treat the area as an open wound to heal on its own.

I've been worried sick all last night and today. Have not had word yet on how Mia is doing or if she's even out of surgery.

Has anyone had any experience with something like this before? It's been years since I've had a female kitty, and never had issues with them before.
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