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Hazel been there... done that...except mine was ON Christmas day! And I did say that the fire trucks lights were very festive

The firemen were going to use a smoke extractor on the oven,,,and I said but I've been cooking that bird for six hrs.....can't u save it? The guy said where are your oven mitts? And he putt them on and pulled out the bird. A nice smoked turkey! And do u know how expensive smoked turkey is to buy? LMBO

So now when my friends hear I'm cooking a big turkey meal, they ask me if I have let the fire department know.

I did ask the firemen if they'd like to take some cookies back to the firehall with them. They did! LOL

Maybe if u googled the net, u might be able to find instructions on the make of your oven and how to get the element out.

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