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This Collar is Pretty Darned Amazing!!

I was a bit skeptical when I bought it, but the cashier at Petsmart uses it on her 'cujo kitty' and absolutely loves it. It's got pheromones and lavender and camomile in it. So I thought try it for Nino, well after a few minutes of him running around and trying to figure out what was that smell and feel, he settled right down!! Totally amazing!! It's a Sargeant's GOODBehaviour collar, looks alot like a flea collar but I put it on him and OMG he managed to sit on a chair in the kitchen with Bobee and Coco right there with him. He got a bit twitchy a couple of times but nothing like before. He had a half hearted chase of Coco down the hall but only went about 3 feet, instead of chasing him all the way down the hall!! I don't think Coco can understand the sudden change, he started off down the hall later and had to keep looking back over his shoulder to see if Nino was going to start chasing him!!

So for the big move everybody is going to wear one, maybe they will help me keep my sanity!!
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