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Are they really that allergic tho? Don't jump down my throat but I get so upset every time I hear that excuse. I am a pediatrician and I can tell you there aer few allergies that require one actually givng up a cat. I have patients with immunocompromised systems wdue to leukemia and AIDS and aplastic anemia. They would NEVER part with their cats or dogs or bunnies even though any close interaction with these animals is 10 times the worst allergy. So I have little sympathy for that argument.

I am also huffed at the blame the doctor thing to be frank - or rather use "the doctor said". Doctors are pushed all the time to so just that - they do not really want to. Sometimes the parents want to get rid of the animal and exaggerate the symptoms.

I am not saying people do not have severe allergies. Children do and some of them even have asthma. But this is not life threatening and there are medications and many thing that can be done.

Severe in my biz is dying! Anything else is small stuff. Sorry but that's been the kind of day I've had. I can't believe someone will let a cat go to die because of an allergy!

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