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Sudden Seizures at age 15~16

My elderly Corgi, Sadie, 16y 4mo has had about 4~6 seizures over the past six months, or so. The one today lasted nearly half an hour (who keeps time in an emergency) and then I rushed her to the vet; she was howling and carrying on~she's a Corgi and that means 'drama queen'. But I do not mean to make light of this.
We were there for nearly six hours; separated most of the time~I could hear her cry; but they said could be any dog~I know my dogs howl!
There were few clients/owners + dogs, at least 3 vets on, and it still took all this time. And I was not being briefed. My dog was away from me, she was alone, and I had no idea what was going on.
To make this long drama somewhat shorter, I now have 2 prescriptions to be given twice daily: Phenobarbital 30mg; Gabapentin liquid quantity 35.
total bill C$200. For so many hours, I didn't find the cost outrageous; just my and my pet's time was the prob.

(I have done my research for what to give/feed a dog to thwart seizures.) Maybe she has a brain tumour; Whatever. She is not in pain, she is hungry, she likes her food, she like it when I tease her (dramatic pretend spankings, walks, tickles, time spent on her when she is not sleeping <much of the day and all night>.
Vet says, and on line chat says; 'elderly dogs that suddenly get seizures may have brain tumour'. When asked, I said 'whatever would be the use to the dog or me for an x-ray. I would not be having her carved up at her age; and i do not need curiosity served!"
I will have my dear pet put down this summer or early fall; who knows? I love her, she needs me, she sleeps a lot; she loves her food and she grins like an idiot when we play our foolish games. She is happy.
Sadie has been on BARF since the day she turned 10 (6 years, 4mo, 7 days). All her siblings are dead, (last one croaked four years ago); so BARF seems to have worked:
Sadie's BARF diet (Lamb, some beef; heart main meat + tongue, some beef muscle, lamb rib and neck bone (chopped up by cleaver first) + brain, kidney, and other vital lamb organ; egg yolk (occasional whites cooked), one egg shell a day, (no fish~evil stuff, see Brian Peskin); occasional raw carrot, apple core~ otherwise, no veg, carbs etc.
Lastly: she lost the use of her hind quarters a year ago. Now I have a girdle thing, fashioned from leotard material, to hold her hind quarters up. She gets around with my help well enough. She drops her poops at night on occasion, but they are not squishy; being on the BARF diet. Not a big deal for me.
If it weren't for these seizures, I'd keep her going until she just didn't wake up. That's how my gran went, age 96. So why not my pet. But if the seizures happen again, as bad as this time, it will be her time. Hopefully, with the medication, and now the study I am doing to prevent them, maybe she will just die in her sleep.
Namaste and care,
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