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thank you Dr John Wamsley

recently an australian legend in the field of species conservation retired. he is Dr John Wamsley (aka the cat hat man) and he is my hero and i want to thank him for helping to preserve our beautiful lands and all that try to reside in it.
he was recently awarded a top environmental honor by little Johnny Howard and was awarded the title of 'environmentalist of the year'.

John and his wife have worked tirelessly and given every penny they had over many years since the 1960s to establish Earth Sanctuaries. (earth sanctuaries found at and his techniques were new and often put down and questioned as stupidity, but 20yrs later they have all worked and he has brought many small species back from the brink of extinction.

this families life has been very hard, much of this hardship resulting from their desire to help their environment and bush, not only were they poor from giving all money to the establishment of the sanctuary but they had many animals that required high levels of care and attention, eg a young joey (or similar species with high maintance) must be fed and toileted every 3-4 hours 24hrs a day and if you have several joeys at a time it is exhausting work and you dont sleep. but they were always happy to have a bed full of joeys, it was nothing to them, they considered it a duty and were more than happy to do it. such a huge heart needs recognition, and i am so thankful that these ppl exist, my country and species within it are so much better off with their help and technique. and they have inspired me for many years, their work and hearts inspire me, they have proven it can work, and it fills me with happiness and hope to the brims.

thank you DR and Mrs Wamsley
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