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Wish I Could Just Pave The Darn Thing!

I have a lot of lawn...I mean A LOT of deal with. OK, not acres, but half of one, which I think is worse. If you have acreage, people expect and accept a certain amount of undergrowth. When you're in a subdivision, they expect you to keep the whole thing neatly trimmed and weed free aaaallll the time.

DH and I have half-jokingly tossed around the idea of paving the front lawn, at the very least. Another thought was to replace the socially acceptable grass with clover.

Has anyone else done this? What are the pros/cons? (BTW, I don't think having thousands of bunnies on my lawn as a "con".)

There's a house one block over where they've pulled up all the grass and made their whole front lawn into a rock garden. Not a bad idea, but you're still pulling weeds all the live-long day, which is what I'm trying to avoid.

What other low-maintenance, non-sod options are there?
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