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Good grief, no reputable breeder advertises in the newspaper!!!! Most good breeders have their litters spoken for long before they are born - if they are purebred dogs and cats and have their proper pedigree, championships and are of show quality and meet the breed standard.(Hopefully, they more than meet the standard!) Anyone seeking to buy from a breeder, though there are also lots of cats and dogs in rescue that need homes too, many of them purebred, (Up to 25% of animals in rescue are purebred), seeks out breeders by contacting the main registries (and I do not mean the ones given out at pet shops), visits shows or does his or her research prior to adoption. This is a lifelong commitment and that does not happen thru the classified section unless one considers the 5 or 10% who find a significant other thru the personals, <g>

To me, adopting a cat or a dog or any animal is the same as adopting a child because they become part of our families. In fact, people are warned NOT to use the newspaper as resource in adopting an animal. It is one of the key signs that one is likely dealing with a byb. As the 2nd poster noted (I am sorry - I forgot to look at the name, forgive me! ), good breeders - many of whom do this as a hobby - spend thousands of dollars a year for just one dog or cat!! They have the vet on speed dial and have researched the breed probably better than the vet and certainly know their own animals' pedigree, championships, characteristics and can ID a pet quality versus a show quality in that breed. They are NOT in it for the money - or some frivolous and silly notion that they want their family to "experience or see" babies being born. There are many videos for that or one can always visit a rescue or SPCA any day of the week. (or a puppy mill if they really want to see where newspaper advertised and pet store puppies and allegedly purebred cats come from). Ask any personnel pet store to show you the proper certification, the pedigree - how many championships and rosettes the animal's parents and even grandparents won on the show circuit, demand the health info for several generations - (all documented by vets with a good reputations) - and that is just a few questions I can think at this early hour. You will not get those replies because they are not available.

No breeder who has invested not just their money but their love and caring over a long period of time would EVER in their wildest imagination hand over one of their precious babies to a pe store. They are simply not that foolish nor do they lack knowledge. They will investigate every single person who wants to adopt one of "their" babies - and most of them keep up to date with the adopters for long periods of time. (and have ironclad contracts that are just as rigid as most social service agencies are!!) (There are some exceptions but these are the minority - usually ppl who have entered the breeding biz without a mentor or knowledge and thought they might actually earn money at this.)

Buying from a pet store supports the depravity and cruelty one sees in puppy mills. That money goes to people who have no interest in the well being of their animals and worse! (There are enough videos and info web sites to explain this. )

Anyway - that's it - I cannot even comprehend how this issue was brought up after reading Lucy Rescue's excellent article!
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