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Wildlife Rehab - Tottenham, ON (Simcoe County)

Procyon Wildlife takes in wild mammals that have been found or rescued by members of the public. We take animals that are known to be orphaned, injured or sick. We provide the necessary supportive, medical, and surgical care to these animals so they can resume their normal function and be returned to their natural habitats.

Though the majority of animals can be returned to normal health, many of them cannot be released. There are two circumstances in which an animal is deemed to be unreleasable:

Their injuries are too severe for them to be able to function normally in their wild environments. An example would be a bird with a severely fractured wing that would be unable to fly once the wing has healed.

They have been raised as “pets” in family homes without contact with members of their own species. As a result they have not developed the social skills necessary to survive in the wild. An example would be a fawn who has grown up without other deer and who has learned to prefer the company of people to that of its own species.
Remember, a baby’s best chance for survival is with its mother.
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