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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
A dog's liver will take protein and convert it into glycogen. If for some reason, her liver has some "issue" with beef protein, by not converting or "over converting" (if that is even possible ), then it could affect her blood sugar and moods.
Originally Posted by MerlinsHope View Post
...meats have varying glycemic indexes and can influence behaviour.
That's interesting. I'm going to research the indexes of the various meat we feed. Thank you both for that idea.

Originally Posted by MerlinsHope View Post
Does your beef tend to be fattier than other other meats you serve by any chance?
No, actually I would say it's leaner than the other meats. Perhaps 5-10% maximum fat content (I usually feed inside or bottom round, fat trimmed).

I just want to re-iterate, I don't believe at all that the food we feed is causing Penny's reactivity (this has always been an issue with her from day 1) but I do have a strong suspicion that certain foods increase the intensity of it.

Thank you for trying to help me figure this out. Any and all insight is always appreciated.
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