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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Awww, poor Kato :sad: and it must be so frustrating for you as well.

Has the vet done a yeast culture and a bacterial culture & sensitivity test?

Does Kato have any known allergies?

He has done cultures, and more just a couple weeks ago. I was called to come in and pick up new antibiotics, but my vet was in surgery when I got there so one of his tech's just told me it's another infection gave me the meds and told me to have a nice day

Kato doesn't have any known allergies, but I was told Rotti's are actually sensitive to things such as beetroot and to avoid them if possible, so I do.

I don't know if it could be the fact there is a lot of construction going on around here and maybe there's dust blowing around getting in his ears ...I'm just confuzzled to all heck
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