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Introducing Leo

Leo could really use a temporary foster home until he is adopted. In the meantime,here's.....
Tabby - white

Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Sex: Male

Notes: Hi, my name is Leo. I am 5 years old. I am declawed on all four and neutered. I had a family but they decided that I didn't fit in well so I ended up at the vet's office for euthanasia or adoption if I'm so lucky. As you can see in my first photo, I really like children and enjoy being patted and fussed over. I'm a bit timid at the moment but that's to be expected, my whole life has been turned upside down. After spending a few minutes with everyone I was rubbing around looking for pats n scratches. Do you think you might have room for me in your family?

This pet is: up to date with routine shots, already house trained, altered
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