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Thank you! This is such a lovely community c:

Yeah, I realized that she was really young to be separated from her mom, it's a shame. But I didn't want to see her being thrown away, so I quickly took her in.
I've been trying to raise her like a good mommy, but it's a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I was actually reading some other threads about this kind of behavior, and it does seem to be normal. But she's not doing this as just play, she'll attack my hands/feet/body when they're not moving

I'm also worried about her aversion to petting. All of my cats have always loved the attention, but she seems confused about it. Is there a way to introduce it to her. I've been petting her a little bit a time. Once she shows signs of discomfort, I back away. I want her to grow up to be an affectionate cat.

Also, she didn't have and littermates. Her mom only had her. So she hasn't had the experience of playing with another cat besides her mom, which she was only with for a month.

Speaking of age, I had no idea that there was an age to get her vaccinated. She's a little more than a month old, maybe 5 - 6 weeks at most, is that too young? (I'm gonna have to research that.)

Oh dear I didn't even think of having a problem with her and my other cat. I have her upstairs, and he's in the rest of the house. I have her scent on me and he doesn't seem to mind. He still cuddles with me. He's a very mellow cat. Of course I'm gonna introduce them slowly. I plan on having her in her crate the first time. I'm a bit nervous about letting her out though. I'm not sure how to introduction at that point works.

Anyways, thank you for your reply and kind words c:
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