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Thank you everyone !!!
it seems most replies have been in line with what i have been thinking/doing. This past weekend was dedicated to crate RE-training !! just short bouts in the crate with me at home, but not in the room (10-15 minutes) and with him staying in the crate with the door wide open and me just sitting in the same room watching tv (for about 15 minutes or until he just lied down in the crate on his own). It's hard sometimes when i know what i should be doing with him (increase exercise and gradual re-training with crate) but this is tough because i only have weekend to really devote to this re-training. but no excuses !! i am going to work on the exercise, getting used to the crate and i have corraled my BF's dad to come over at lunch to let him out for a bit as well.

Ideally i dont want to use the crate at all, seeing as how he has had 4 years on non-destructive behaviour (a few kitchen garbage incidents aside).

Thank you for the tin foil tip !! i am going to try it tonight !! keeping him off the couch has been a whole other issue... he is at the point that he doesnt even attempt to get on the furnitue when we are home and sleeps in his bed at night, but as soon as i get up in the morning i hear the jingle of his tags jumping off the couch and onto his dog bed..
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