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Originally Posted by Bailey_ View Post
In fact, I'm surprised this point is even being argued, but anyway....
it's being argued because you keep stating that the exercise will help..This is a dog who has had free run and hasn't been destructive in 4 years..He is put in the crate and is now stressing out and will eventually hurt himself..The crate is the problem here...This is why I had said it will take baby steps..But there are other options to crating..He doesn't like to be confined..

My sister has 2 Huskies (she just lost her third on the 4th) they are far from high energy..My neice has 2 husky mixes(15 months), they are far from high energy also..I have co-workers with Labs not high energy.When was the last time you saw a seeing eye dog with high energy? They are so layed back....See where I'm getting at? Not every dog of these breeds are high energy..And to me it seems like claires dog is pretty good with no other issues.

Soooooooo lets just see how things are going.
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
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