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Cat litter suggestions?

Hi all!

First time poster, came across this site when looking for some advice on a totally different topic!

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a decent (and not too expensive) cat litter that's clumping but doesn't track too bad?

I'm aware there's an obvious trade-off, as for litter to clump it needs to be relatively fine, though after some initial research I've not found any solid answers or any particular brand that seems to pop up more often than others - so I'm reaching out.

Currently using Tesco's own brand premium litter (they were out of Catsan) and I also ordered an Omega Paw large littler box today, which requires clumping litter to be anywhere near effective, so I am after something decent that won't break the bank!

Many thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions

I've recently adopted two kittens which now makes me a four cat household.

I've been using the non clumping cat litter (the pink one from pets at home, 30 litre size) and I'm thinking about possibly changing. the cats now have pink paws and there's a bit of dust, although non are ever dust free.

I personally don't like the wood pellets. I've heard about the clumping cat litter but the one I tried (from Aldi) I didn't particularly like. To be honest I didn't really know what to expect from it.

I've read about 'the worlds best cat litter' (clumping) and it has fantastic reviews, but it's pricey. Although I don't mind paying extra if it's going to last and do a good job.

Having four cats now means i'm cleaning the litter trays out twice a day and a full change about every three days. I've been using a less litter in each tray to try and stretch the cost out.

So, I'm after advice on the best cat litter and perhaps I should change to the clumping type?

Thanks to the advice of all of you, I decided to go with a Clumping of Oko Cat Litter. It seems that this Oko Cat Litter is fragrance-free, natural, and clumping and is rated dust free. After a few days of searching on google, I also found some useful information. I also consulted a few videos on Youtube. Have learned a lot of things.

Some sources I have consulted, there are quite a few posts comparing the brands, hope to help people with the same problem with me:


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