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6 Week old Puppy

So my entire Life I have wanted a Husky. I currently have A GSD named Gypsy but I'd love to have two dogs so they can play with each other when I'm at work. I finally found my perfect husky! A red male with bright blue eyes. at the moment he is about 5 weeks old and the owner is saying I can pick him up in another week or so. I already made the deposit for him, but my question is should I get him at 6 weeks? I know people say he doesn't learn some social skills if I get him that young, but I got my current dog at that age and she couldn't be more perfect! Also, he will still have Gypsy to teach him those skills. Even though he will have a new big sister to teach him how to be a dog should I still wait the extra two weeks? His brothers and sisters are all going to be gone at that time as well. So will it really matter?

I've already raised a 6 week old puppy so I know what it takes. I've spoken with some people who have bought puppies from her before and they all got then at 6 weeks and said they smelled terrible when they got them. and I know they aren't raised in the house, their have a whelping shed they said they stay in. Normally I would never think of taking them away from their mom any earlier than 8 weeks, but I don't fully know that his current situation he is in is the best.
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