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I lost my precious, Lady G., a month ago today, on January 14. I'm still hurting over her death. It's hard to even put into words how upsetting this has been for me, or how much she meant to me. I've only been this upset once in my life, and that was when my dear mother died. This has been an incredibly difficult thing for me to go through. Only those who have been through it, can fully understand. I know it's never easy to lose a loved one. Some just hurt us more than others. Lady G. was such a sweet, little friend / family member. I miss everything about her! Gosh, I miss her like crazy!

Happy Valentines day, Lady G. I love and miss you dearly, girl!

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RIP Lady G.
2007 - January 14, 2019
I love and miss you dearly! I will never forget you, girl!

Her Memorial Thread
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