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July 15, 2010 - Falconwatch Coordinator Brad Asseltine reports: After watching today it has become clear that Chedoke has recovered, improved and matured beyond the need for us to continue the watch any longer, so this will be my final report for Falconwatch 2010. Since her return Chedoke has rebonded easily with siblings Peter, Joseph and Henderson, and been accepted back by Madame X and Surge. She is now flying so well that she blends right in with the others, probably the only time I've ever been happy about not being able to tell them apart. It has been a great privilege to have taken part in this project, and watching these six birds over the last month and a bit has rekindled my respect and admiration for this majestic species. Although the chicks are roaming further as they mature, all six - Peter, Henderson, Joseph, Chedoke, Madame X and Surge - can still be seen quite often around the King and Bay area.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lead and Senior monitors as well as all of the Falconwatch volunteers for their dedicated devotion to seeing that these chicks have the best chance of survival. Without you Falconwatch would not happen! Thanks to your efforts four more Peregrines are soaring through the skies.

We will continue to keep the camera showing the nest for little while longer. Occasionally one of the Peregrines will return to the ledge.
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