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An update....Chedoke is injured and being treated at a local facility. Here is the info from the site:

June 30, 2010 - Falconwatch Lead Monitor Audrey Gamble reports: Wouldn't you know it, the exciting stuff always happens when the Coordinator's away! In the early hours of this morning Falconwatchers lost sight of Chedoke after he flew from the Thomson Building. It was a while before he was relocated on the entrance marquee of the Stelco Tower, not far above street level. During the early part of the day Chedoke was active - walking back and forth along the marquee, bright, alert and responding to movement in the sky above. Whenever an adult peregrine passed over Chedoke called to them and was obviously indignant at missing lunch. Falconwatchers, not having seen the flight or landing, were uncertain of the sequence of events that brought him to this low perch and kept close watch. As the day wore on it became apparent that Chedoke had sustained a wing injury. In the early evening a rescue was made by Coordinator Brad and last year's Coordinator Sandra Davey, now a member of our Rescue Team. Chedoke, whose adventure even made the news, is at a rehabilitation facility, full of energy and very feisty. An x-ray is scheduled for today. We will advise the situation as soon as we know ourselves. The other three chicks spent the day flying high and free, playing tag and continuing to develop their skills.

Thanks VERY much to members of the public who, although interested in this beautiful wild creature respected his space and safety (and provided the photo of Chedoke on the Stelco marquee at left), to Yale Properties who assisted in her security and rescue, to the Hamilton Police Department for assistance with traffic, and to well wishers who offered assistance and good wishes. Chedoke is resting safe and sound, and we will keep you posted on results of her upcoming x-rays.
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