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I took her to the vet

The vet said that a measure of her intestine felt swollen and/or firmer than usual. He also said she has a mild case of puppy vaginitis. He gave me pills to regulate her intestinal contractions as well as some antibiotic pills to stave-off infections. He told me not to feed her for 24 hours and to regulate her water intake to a normal amount by metering it out throughout the day. The vet visit was Saturday morning. It's now Monday but I haven't seen a change. I called the vet this morning and he said to call him back this afternoon if there was still no change. I'm going to mention the possibility of diabetes millitus to him. She's exhibiting a lot of the symptoms associated with that disease (weight loss, extreme thirst/urination, loss of energy) however, she also seems to have lost her appetite, which is not necessarily associated with canine diabetes. I'm at a loss. She's starting to get very skinny but she doesn't act like she's in any pain. She keeps urinating in her crate even when the door is open and she is able to walk out of it to pee. I'm worried that she has a serious problem and I cannot afford to pay high vet bills. I'm just a kid right out of college!
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