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Welcome amer, and congrats on the new puppy to come. My two malamute puppies were being fed kibble in the morning and raw at night by our breeder. It's an option you might consider. It's only key that you keep 12 hours between the kibble and raw as they digest differently. It's not to say it would kill your dog, just that it could cause tummy troubles if you mix them. A lot of people go the 50/50 route though. Vets are another story altogether. Hopefully your vet will support raw, many don't. My own vet in (past vet now) wanted my pups on kibble until they were a year old. I didn't make it that long. My current vet supports raw - so long as we know what we're doing.

If you are concerned about your dog's intake, weigh his food, including treats, and then ration it out over the day.

Sorry I don't have time to expand too much right now, have to get to work. By the way, I am waiting on a 40 lb order of chicken feet right now. Should arrive today - but they are free range feet if that helps!! lol Feet and quarters on order. My Malamutes are thriving on their raw diet and my vet is tickled pink.

Good luck with your pup, and while you are busy researching your fabulous raw diet, make sure you research titer tests as well in regards to the vaccines. My last vet refused to titer test which was the breaking point for us.
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