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Originally Posted by LittleLucy View Post
Thanks Tenderfoot. I appreciate your comments. The thing is, she does not seemsed stressed when I am getting ready to leave -- packing my bags, putting on my shoes, etc. I definately think we could work on some more obedience, learning "stay" command so will work on that. I also was given the advice to start giving a treat and stepping outside, then come straight back in...then altering the amount of time till I come back in... so that she learns when I leave good things happen. Does this make sense?

Thanks again, I will put some of your suggestions into place immediately.

PS - she seems to tolerate being in her crate well, I come home mostly because I feel bad leaving her contained for so long but I don't think she would get too stressed if we did have to leave her for extended times. She actually goes straight to her crate when I am about to leave because that is where I give her treats/kong/etc
I will put a few small cookies in my dog's crate when I leave him home. I am not sure if it made sense but I know my dog think it does.
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