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Scottiedog I thought of an ace bandage or wrapping him with vet wrap over a gauze bandage but I think he'll object to it. I found a shirt but now have to see what I can do to it to make it fit properly and protect the lump.

Chico Raggs does look small in that pic of him and Smokey but I think he is larger than you think he is, because of the angle of the pic. He weighs in at 62 lbs and is about the same size as my English Springer was.

He's doing well at present but the lump seems to be getting more bruised looking so I really need to get moving on making a protective shirt for him. I am trying to get my income tax done, it is fairly complicated and I have to refile several years that an accountant made errors with. I will be putting him first though starting tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I'm going to look into a Thundershirt this week before I go ahead with the T-shirt and hope it works.
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