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Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
Yes he does but I keep missing the really good pics when Smokey is kissing or grooming Raggs.
Now that would be a wonderful pic!

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
Not sure if you know what I'm talking about but when I was a little girl (this really shows my age) the bodice of dresses I wore was often shirred with elastic. I was thinking of something similar for Raggs. I still have to go through my ancient wardrobe and find an appropriate shirt to make into a doggy shirt. The one thing I need to be very mindful of is that he will be wearing it all the time so I can't have anything that will dig into him anywhere when he's lying on his side.
Yep, I think I know exactly what you mean--I had dresses like that, too... Can you still buy tube tops? Would something like that work, or would that be too tight? And I suspect it wouldn't stay around his chest well enough unless you could add some sort of band across the front under his neck to keep it in place... I'm not much of a clothes designer...

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
The problem with cords of any kind are that when he is lying down or rolling around he will end up on the knot or where the cord is tied. I think velcro or elastic may work better. However, I don't think elastic is the answer either because it will have to stretch quite a bit when I'm putting it on and may not hold the shirt tight enough to keep a dressing, or pad in place. I'd rather have the whole idea in my mind before I start so I don't make a complete mess of it.

His winter coat is similar to this one that I borrowed from the Petsmart website. The rescuer makes them for all the dogs she takes in. However, his coat is red with an dark orange lining and he loves this coat. Not sure if I will be able to duplicate the colour but I thought if what I make him looks somewhat similar without the heavy quilting or heavy fleece lining then he might adapt to it better. Only time will tell.
I see what you're saying about the cords... And the elastic. Velcro does sound like it might work the best, as long as it's light enough--too bulky and you'll have the same problem as with the cords... Hmmmmm...

I've made new vests by taking an existing one and using it to make a pattern. It was actually pretty easy ...even though my stitching was pretty crooked And we made some modifications to them--which wasn't very hard, either, since we just added them to the paper pattern.... Do you think a modified version of the coat would work to cover the tumor and hold some sort of dressing in place? That sounds like a really good idea!

Or maybe adapt a light-weight fleece vest? Put it on with the zipper to the back and add some velcro in strategic spots to snug it up?

Ya, I know...hazel is definitely not a clothes designer!
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