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Thanks Hazel I was also thinking of a sweat shirt because I have lots of them I've outgrown but I think it may be too hot for him with the weather getting warmer. I actually managed to get two new pics of Smokey and Raggs today that I will post. Unfortunately I missed the best of them when Smokey was kissing Raggs. Anyway here they are. I have thought of trying to get pics with the crowd around me when I'm watching TV, will see what I can do.

The biggest problem I have with designing something for Raggs to wear to cover the tumour is preventing ridges or seams digging into his skin when he's lying down. Most of the belly bands I've looked at have a binding around the outside and with him moving around all the time or lying on his side I can see that binding breaking down his skin. My vet suggested I put a draw string on the bottom to hold the T-shirt in place but again, is that going to aggravate the tumour or his skin. He loves to wear his coat in the winter and it is made from an old ski jacket with fleece lining and held together with velcro. However, what I need is to make one upside down so the strap goes across his back. I guess with lots of padding it might not cause a problem but then I think is he going to be too hot or even want to wear it all the time. I also thought of sewing a belly band to a T-shirt and have a pocket for a dressing under the tumour. Still haven't designed it completely and unfortunately I haven't sewed in years. Any ideas?

I am trying to get my income tax finished so that's why I haven't been around. Hope all is well with all of you
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