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I know people who feed it and are very happy with it.

If you can get it for about a buck a pound, which is certainly dirt cheap compared to some of the other pre made raw diets, and you're concerned about the ingredients, I see no reason why you can't source your own chicken for the same price or less. I can get chicken for about a buck a pound in Toronto at Chinese supermarkets. I know I can get it for less if I order in bulk from a supplier. Provided you have a freezer and can order in bulk I'm sure you should be able to find a source. Check with any local suppliers, butchers, processing plants, farmers.

Do you need to have the chicken ground? Is there a reason for that? When I started my guys out on raw we started with ground but now they get whole chickens or whole chicken parts depending on what I buy. Even when they get a whole chicken, they do a great job of crunching every thing up and the process is great for their teeth and jaw muscles plus it's an enjoyable activity for them.
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