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Feeding times

Hi PetFriendly. Halo eats twice a day, about a cup and 1/4 each meal with pumpkin on it (just a bit). She eats at about 7:30 am and again at 5:30 pm. She doesn't have these shaking episodes often, that I'm aware of, but as I said, if it's happening during the night I might not be aware of it. It has traditionally been early morning when she wakes she'd had the head wobbles, again very very rarely (like once or twice a year I'd notice it). This past couple weeks when it happened she was sleeping in the kitchen mid-day twice when she woke with it, and then mid-afternoon was standing there visiting when it just started happening. She's not a particularly active dog, just little bouts of crazies outside in the yard. She gets walks regularly but they wouldn't qualify as high energy things for sure. She can be a bit aggressive with strange dogs so we don't tend to let her run. She eats a salmon and oatmeal kibble by Go Natural as she has some serious food allergies. I'll be taking her to the vet next weekend though and will discuss these things with him. Thanks for all the input. I'll keep you guys posted what he finds. Feel free to add any other thoughts in the meanwhile though. Thanks again, you guys are all so great! I can't say that enough.
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