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Originally Posted by Bluecatt View Post
Yes, although we don't really go in to comfort her, just to scold her and tell her "no!, go to sleep!!" But I guess even doing that is too much!
even negative attention is ATTENTION. you are doing what she wants, attention, and actually reinforcing this behavior.

i'd make sure the crate is the right size for her to comfortably lay and turn around in and i'd put the crate in the same room as you. When i crate trained my dog, I kept the crate right next to my bed, as you would w/ a newborn in a bassinet. We eventually moved the crate to the other side of the room, but it's still IN our room. my dog uses it happily, with the door left open.

is there some reason the crate cannot be in your bedroom? dogs like to sleep with their pack.

my dog is a 50-60lb mix. Our crate is for a 60-80lb dog. just to give you an idea. We have a 2nd one that is actually for a 100lb dog. My dog prefers plenty of room to "nest". he has an old queen size comforter in there to snuggle in.
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