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Do you think she's just too attached? My husband thinks that she's just around me too much!! She is truly a mommy's girl. Because I work all day, she goes absolutely berzerk when I get home. As soon as she hears me put my car alarm on she's racing to the front door and jumps all over me. My husband says after I go to bed at night and he stays up with her for a while, she's always trying to go to my room and get up on our bed to get to me.

Also, when we drive back and forth to the cottage, she sleeps on my lap the whole way, we don't put her in her carrier. Could this have anything to do with it? I don't want to have to put her in her carrier now that she's used to staying with me in the van. And I think her going to sleep at night, in her crate, in the dark, in the same room every night has nothing to do with sleeping on my lap in the van. Thoughts??
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