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Hi Bluecatt..

this is what I did when Bree was little, it worked for me but may or may not work for you.. (I am also a mother so I know what it's like)

we would make sure the pup is tired at night BUT an hour before last pee time we would make sure it was quite time.. then out for the last walk and then in to her crate..
if she cryed and I know she just went out, I would wait 5 mintues if the crying stopped or calm down even for a second I would wait for another 5 mintues.. if it continued I would go down stairs with a night light and check on her. no bright lights...if all was good then I would go back to bed, I would not talk or anything just check.. and wait another 5 mintues..
depending on how old she is you might have to take her out again.. doggies go through growth spurts also..
But if I did take her out I would let her go pee and poop if she needed and then right back in her crate..

I hope this helps..
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