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When did she get her first set of vaccinations? Please enroll her in a puppy socialization class that starts after a week of her second set of vaccines. I can't stress enough the importance of her playing with her peers especially since she was removed from mom and litter at such a young age. Visit with your father's dogs as often as possible, at the very least several times a week.

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Her anger is a big part of my concern. She seems to be snarling and snapping when she doesn't get her way. She was not socialized properly.
Perfectly normal behavior that you would witness between puppies of a litter. It is not true aggression but you do have to deal with it. This is why it's important she gets lots of opportunities to socialize with other dogs and puppies. Exactly when does she snap and snarl?

We have a foster pup who was removed from her family at too young of an age as well. Within two weeks of living with our three adults and one adolescent pup, her snarling "I'm gonna kill everything I can get my teeth on" stage has nearly disappeared altogether. The other dogs are the best to teach her that it's not accepted and are also the best to teach her what's appropriate play. When she latched on to my ankles, an "ouch " and promptly removing myself from her for a minute or two had managed to teach her that it wasn't appropriate with humans either .

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I know this is long, but there is just one more thing - She doesn't seem to want to be house broken. I take her outside every hour to let her pee and do her thing, I have tried to pad train her (the woman has said she already was - not so much) and she did not take to it at all. She seems to want to just pee wherever. I just don't know what to do from here.
That's perfectly normal as well. At 8 weeks, she's too young to expect her to be housetrained. Consistency and patience will pay off in another 2-3 months. Are you home with her during the day? Where do you keep her when you can't keep an eye on her? Where does she sleep at night?
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