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Originally Posted by bambi1980 View Post
...My boyfriend was spinning the cat on the wood floor last friday and nothing seemed to be wrong <-- inmature for 32...
Welcome to!.

I have to say, I urge you to put an end to that. Cats are not toys nor are they like dogs. One might play with a dog like that...I say "might" if the dog was interactive with the human and if it were gentle "play"...sorry, though, inappropriate for cats who are far more "delicate" and more easily injured...and, such behaviour may very well lead to agressive behaviour on the part of the cat.

I hope this was not the cause of the symptoms you are seeing.

Please book the appointment. Hopefully, a simple consultation will take care of everything.

I'll give you one caution - if the Veterinarian prescribes the drug Metacam politely refuse and request an alternative. Click on the drug name to find out why.
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