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Ok, I need some advice...

If you haven't read this whole thread, all of a sudden my cat's hind legs became weak on Feb. 7th. Then he started eating his cat litter. I changed the litter to Feline Pine and he quit. He was lethargic, seemed depressed, hid away, and was eating less, but still eating. He was still urinating in his cat box but would not deficate in it, seemed like he couldn't control it. I've been following him around and when he had to poop (he would always fall on the floor first, that was my cue) I would always carry him to the litterbox and hold him up.

He had a negative glucose test, negative x-rays, and his blood work showed slightly elevated globulin at 5.6 and slightly elevated total protein at 8.9. Finally the doctor talked to someone down at the University of Minnesota who suspected FIP.

I brought him to another doctor and he also was suspicious of FIP. Since there are no tests to definitively "diagnose" FIP, he suggested serum electrophoresis and possible a titer test. I decided to wait and see if he got better or worse.

Now today, a couple hours ago, I went to pet him on the couch and he smelled like urine. He peed all over himself. Then I put him on the floor to clean him up with wet paper towels and he all of a sudden got diarrhea (first time he's had diarrhea since he became sick) and he went all over the carpet and finally onto a towel after I hurried and got that under him.

I called the doctor and he said he thinks it's time to put him to sleep. I asked him if he thought I should get the serum test incase he thinks it might be ANYTHING besides FIP. He said it could always be something besides FIP, but at this point whatever it is is probably really bad.

If it were any of you, would you be worrying that it might be "something else" and be hesitant to have him put to sleep? After I cleaned him up he crawled (he can barely stand up anymore) to the little dog/cat carrier I have on the floor and he's been lying in there. His face and eyes still look alert and that's what kills me. I don't know how I could have him put to sleep when he's still looking at me like that.

Anyone have any advice? What would you do if it was your cat?
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