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Cat not peeing properly - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

Hi all,

a question: my very healthy-looking one-year-old female cat seems to crouch down and go through all the motions of having a pee (including covering it over) very often (we live in the country so I don't have full control all day, she goes outside), but nothing seems to come out, or at least only every fourth time or so. She doesn't seem bothered, she doesn't strain and there is no blood in her urine. As far as I can tell, she drinks a normal amount of water. We have a female dog (of which she is the boss - obviously) - and also her sister. Could it be marking in some way? I get scared when trawling the internet reading about what not being able to pee could mean, but she is so healthy and relaxed, I have to wonder (hope) there might be some psychological reason. Or if there is some medical reason why she seems to feel the need to pee, perhaps I could change something in her diet? Her sister eats the same food - only dry food, highish standard - and does not display this behaviour.

Thank you - any info or experience would be much appreciated!
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