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Thanks Love4himies -- yes, I'm not sure if she has the initial acute form or if we are seeing the later chronic form here.

She did test negative in May so if that is accurate, most likely she was exposed this fall season. I'm hoping this is the case because the acute form responds to antibiotics quite well.

If the test in May was not accurate (which is very possible), she may have the chronic form. Not sure how long it may have been eluding her immune system and can be more difficult to cure.

PCR testing will tell you if the animal has a current infection but I'm not sure if that would tell us if it is recent or not???

With Timber, she has a history of mobility issues so if she had the acute form years ago, I may have not even noticed. We are also just starting to learn more about Lyme -- if you mention anaplasmosis here, most people haven't even heard of it.

Very frustrating!
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