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Thank you so much Rainbow and to everyone for their support!

I am in shock because I have just found out today that Timber has tested positive for anaplasmosis!

A huge Thank you to MaxaLisa for getting me back into thinking about the anaplasmosis again. If it wasn't for you Timber would be dead right now.

We continue to wean her off the steroids and obviously keep her on the doxycycline. She has lost so much muscle from the steroids and I have just made an apt with a vet here that does acupuncture/ rehab/ chiropractic and massage / Chinese medicine. They are booked until January so for now we continue to keep her eating well and going for very small walks to try and get her strength up.

I would also like to send blood to North Carolina to see if she tests positive for Batonella or Babesia because, as MaxaLisa has said, possibility of co-infections.

I just can't believe we got a positive result after months on steroids and antibiotics.
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