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The Pill Pocket is definatly not an option, Ford almost took out the vet when he tried it and which is why shots are probably the best option. If there is another thing I could would be changing their diet. I have to admit that I'm probably not using the best food (a grocery store kibble) but I've been a FT student so the wallet has been a little tight these last few years. But in the end if that means staving off an agonizing death for all of us, I'd rather become a little poorer. Now that I think of it, he really likes his wet food, so it would probably be an easy transition for him. I was reading in some other posts about your recommendations and thoughts about dry vs. wet.

And thanks for the links, I've done research on and off for years about the problems which is why I feel there is not much else I can do - since I have tired most ideas (except the food). But you're suggestions are well thought out and between that and the vet visit, I hope we can find some success...even if its only temporary it will be a reprieve - I've cleaned cat pee on furniture 3 times this week (sneaky guy pushed the tinfoil off) and I had to keep visitors away while the couch was still a stinkbomb.
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