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Thanks for the great reply! We fed her supper with the other dogs last night and she ate every last bit. Guess the threat of them eating it for her was enough for her. As for her leg, i suppose i'll just have to watch and see if shes acting cold. She still has access to the barn-- but its not heated. Just insulated. Eventually the dogs and cats will have a heated barn, but we are still pretty new to our property and so many other things need to be done first--unfortunatley.

Yes, she does have a cone. Except its so thin its falling apart. So we need to locate another one for her (we have at least two in our house, we just cannot find them!!) one of our other dogs keeps trying to lick Millies stitches. So i think when we find our cones, she gets one too.

Millie's breed is a mystery to us Our best guess is Border collie/ Golden Retreiver. Shes got border collie coloring, and a golden retriever everything else. Except for her eyes. We dont know whete those could be from.

Judge for yourself
*old picture*
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