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Unhappy O.m.g.

I have an A.K.A. Belgian Malinois He has become very aggressive, I wish I would have done my research on this breed otherwise I would have not purchased him, name, Moses. My Behaviourlist is A.W.O.L. Moses and I were playing outside yesterday in front, he noticed other dog and ran across road and intiated an attack dropped his ball on road. This female at first thought he wanted to play when she realized that behaviour displayed attack mode all hell broke loose. Her owner had been there, neither of us could control him, then it progressed to road where my other dog Harley decided to go into protective mode. Now this female dog would have killed Moses. Another neighbour came to rescue with leash as I had a difficult time controlling him. The man owner of dog when he told Moses to go he backed off but, this behaviour is unacceptable. He initates this if I walk him around people or dogs. I left two messages and one email and nothing from behavioulist. I am aware she has taken her exams and now is finished. She is extremely versed with this breed and she also works with cops. Moses is definetly showing signs that he is a cop dog. At home on property inside he is a perfect angel and really sucky baby. I too have made incorrect moves with him. Now I am aware but everyday is becoming harder he is now 6 months old and my fear is that he is going to remain this way .
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