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Something that really worked well for us during training was utilizing baby gates (we actually found an old crib at the dump and took the sides off--much cheeper) When we were home we made sure our puppy was gated into the same room as us at all times..this way we could watch him at all times yet still enjoy walking around without him directly attached to us. Very quickly he got the idea that he's not allowed to pee inside because we were able to catch him every time. Although we got peed on a few times from picking him up in the "middle of business" it was worth while after a few days. I also really agree with the praise party--if they get treats and massive praise after peeing outside and don't get it inside very quickly I'm sure he/she will figure it out. We also found that going to the same spot outside really helped our puppy to figure out what he was supposed to do there.
Good luck! Might want to look for a few recipes to cook your fiance a nice dinner tonight...he'll forget all about the dog for a couple more days.
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