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Just put her on a schedule and keep her where you can always see her.
Puppies do what works. She has learned that going in the apartment = easy relief. What she needs to learn is that going outside is even more awesome than going inside.
Take her out after she wakes up, has a play session, eats, and otherwise about every 2 hours or so. When she successfully toilets outside you throw a huge praise party and give her something super yummy.
If you catch her going inside, interrupt her with a clap of your hands or an "oops" and take her out as fast as you can.
Considering that you are very high up, you might consider setting up some sort of toilet area on a balcony? Some fake grass with a catch-basin underneath. Only until she can hold it for a few hours consistently. Puppy pads are ok, but I've known a lot of dogs to start to generalize any soft surface on a floor (like a pillow or shirt) to mean "ok to go."
What you also want to do is pick up some enzymatic cleaner. Any petstore will carry various brands. It de-natures the scent proteins left by the urine that the dog can still smell even if you can't.
Good luck! This too shall pass
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