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Thank you to my heroes!

I just wanted to say a humongous to my own heroes from the last couple of weeks.
TeriM, Chris, cassiek, cpietra, and my secret donator...... Thank you! Your donations have made this month much easier for me. With the unexpected vet bills for Benni it was pretty tight. Now it isn't. to everyone!
Shannon1233A - again - thank you!!
And Onster - what a sweetheart! Sorry we couldn't spend more time together today getting to know each other better but soon...... Thank you for the Wellness! Naddy and kids will really enjoy it! And that marvelous dessert....... OMG!! To die for!!!! You are right... very sweet but ohh sooo good!!
Onster explained to me that it is Arab custom not to meet anyone without a gift, often food (am I right onster?). And what a gift! I am sorry I didn't reciprocate. When you come here I promise. (So much for that weight I lost)
THANK YOU AGAIN TO EVERYONE!! YOU ALL ROCK! My kitty kits and I appreciate your expressions of love and caring.
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