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Originally Posted by flipgirl4 View Post
Purina NF is not available in Canada due to some ingredient Canada won't allow. That is what I have been told. You can only get the dry here. Which sucks because my CRF cat likes it too. Not that I love the ingredients in any of the rx diets but it's the results we're after right?

I feed my cat a rotation as he is picky as heck. I feed holistic selects turkey & barley, wellness turkey, wellness chicken, Natural Balance's limited ingredient foods (duck, salmon, chicken and venison favours), k/d, Medi-cal reduced protein and royal canin renal lp. Sometimes I will feed him food he shouldnt have because he will refuse everything. I feed him 1/2 can three times a day and cannot feed him two cans of the same food in a row, sometimes he won't eat the second half of the can. This is a problem with cats with CRF I think.
I totally empathize with your frustration with feeding your picky cat. You may want to try mixing his canned food in a dish with a small amount of omega3 oil. Our cat really likes it and it should also help with hairballs.

In regards to the NF, I am really curious what this ingredient is and whether it is a good thing or not.

Either way, our cat has tried pretty much everything and seems to consistently like the NF. Her BUN/CRT numbers have been consistent (borderline above the high end of normal), so I'm trying not to change her diet...
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